Bottled Water and the Environment

In order to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated from bottled water, Big Spring Water has reduced the number of smaller, individual serving bottles it packages. We now bottle mainly in reusable 3 and 5-gallon jugs, and our 1-gallon jugs are recyclable at the proper facilities.

We ship our bottles in crates or other reusable containers to cut down on extra waste.

To find recycling centers near you, or to find out more about the ongoing recycling efforts in Montana, visit the websites below. With ongoing encouragement, there will be even more recycling centers in the area that take plastic bottles.:

Waste Reduction & Recycling Program-Plastics
Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) site on how, where, and why to recycle plastics.

A non-profit working to increase recycling in Montana through education and building coalitions between communities and the recycling industry.

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