Quality Assurance

Lab Testing and Inspections

Big Spring Water goes through extensive testing both at the bottling plant and labs to assure that the quality remains unchanged. We follow regulations set by the FDA, the local, and the state health departments to insure health and safety guidelines are met. As required by regulations, ozone is added at the plant to ensure that our water is preserved for a long shelf life. Ozone is an oxygen gas that prevents bacteria and viruses from forming without leaving bad tastes. Chlorination is also allowed, but is not as effective and leaves a taste. We use ozone as it is the preferred method.

Each day before production starts, we test the water to be sure the water meets all required standards. Every two hours throughout the day we test the water again to verify the pH is still around 7.8, conductivity around 300 micromhos, and ozone around .02 parts per million.

Once a week we test the water in the plant for signs of various forms of bacteria along with an independent lab.

We have a lab in Billings do our yearly tests on all the minerals that are in the water to double check for any pesticides, herbicides, or other contaminants. They also test for nutrients in the water.

Read our latest Water Analysis Report (PDF)

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