Our Water

Big Spring Water is Montana’s premiere natural spring water, bottled since 1966. Our water has no minerals added. Those present come naturally from the earth, giving it the great, refreshing taste you know as Big Spring Water.

This pristine water comes from a spring located just outside of Lewistown, Montana.  The naturally mineral infused water bubbles to the earth’s surface at 90 million gallons per day.  From 1200 feet below the surface, the water travels up through limestone layers to a protected and sealed pipeline that transports it into the Lewistown facility where it is tested and bottled for distribution. Big Spring Water is bottled by Blue Water Works, LLC.

Don’t risk your health with the other stuff, GET REAL! Look for our blue and orange label at selected stores. If you prefer water delivered to your door, call (866) 310-8182.  

Big Spring Water is available as unaltered spring water or steam distilled water. Read more about the line of Big Spring Water Products. Keep reading to find out more about the Mineral Content and our Quality Assurance.

For more information, or to find a distributor/branch near you, please Contact Us.


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